Zox of the Forest is a mystical character raised in a forest. Once upon a time, a grizzly bear found a little baby shivering in a hollow tree and kept him warm with her fur coat. She then took him back to her cave and adopted him as one of her bear cubs. She named him Zox and taught him that the forest is a magical place where animals spoke and if you listened they would become your friends and teachers. Zox listened to his Mama and played with his forest friends and learned the secrets of the forest.

Many years later, Zox saw a rainbow elf sprinkling magic sparkle dust down from a tree. The elf told Zox that he was really a human and it was time for him to return to the city. " You understand the ways of the forest and can teach the city children." Zox then understood and left the forest to return to the city to share songs and stories of the forest and its creatures with the city children.

Zox is a great addition to any festival with his witty play and quirky behaviour. Children will delight with his puppet shows, playful songs, imaginative stories, silly skits, and crowd interaction. Zox is accompanied by his forest friends Wakoo the wolf, Ferlin the fox, Wakanda, the Blue Whale, Twigla the moose, Yhandor the Pteranodon and Chuma, the Stegosaurus.

Zox is a performer of skits, a storyteller, puppeteer, juggler, singer, guitarist, and also does balloon and picture art.

Zox performs shows for various organizations. He has performed at schools, preschools, day cares, birthday parties, fairs, festivals, shopping centres, community centres, live on television, and taught a children's workshop. David is also a music teacher and currently teaches at three childcares.

In 2002 and 2003, Zox of the Forest was an award winner in BC Parent's annual parents' choice awards. In the category of Best Birthday Entertainment, Zox was voted 2nd best in 2003 and 3rd best in 2002.

Zox of the Forest is David Cooper, a performer for the last 20 years, 17 years as Zox. He has studied clowning and character development with Nadene Rogers through one to one coaching in Performance Art.

Also available is Kanti, the Singing Bunny. Kanti loves to hop in the meadow and dance with the butterflies. The Kanti, Bunny Show consists of skits, storytelling and music.

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